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  • Hygiene Facilities

Company that is more careful than customers! Pursuing perfect hygiene through HACCP certification We have been investing in continuous working environment improvement and hygiene facilities based on the belief that food shall be clean and honest.

  • Air shower room
    Air shower room
    All personnel are required to enter the air shower room to remove various kinds of dust and foreign substances before accessing to the workplace.
  • Hand washer
    Hand washer
    Production personnel clean their hands using dedicated hand cleanser and brushes to remove contaminants on the back of the hand, palms and
    in their nails.
  • Hand sterilizer
    Hand sterilizer
    It sterilizes the last microorganism using an alcohol-based disinfectant, which is harmless to
    human body.
  • Hygiene shoe sterilizer
    Hygiene shoe sterilizer
    Hygiene shoes are controlled using the UV sterilizer.
  • Work apron sterilizer
    Work apron sterilizer
    The apron that maintains the clean condition of working clothes is frequently sterilized using the
    UV sterilizer.
  • UV sterilizer
    UV sterilizer
    Various tools used in the workplace are cleansed
    after use and stored in the UV sterilizer to
    eradicate microorganisms.
  • Floating bacteria control system
    Floating bacteria control system
    We have introduced the system that controls the bacteria floating in the air to secure clean workplace.
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certification
    (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certification

    We have achieved certification for the hygiene system that prevents hazardous substances from being mixed into the applicable food product or precludes contamination of food products at each stage from the production of raw materials before consumption by customers, ensuring manufacturing safe and hygienic products.