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I am Koo, Sunghwi, CEO of Taejong FD Co., Ltd.
All executives and employees of our company have devoted themselves to providing customers delicious and fresh food products that can be cooked easily and safely. People are growing more concerned about food safety these days : that is why, we are exerting our utmost efforts to provide the safest, eco-friendly food products to customers by placing our top priority on the maintenance of freshness and safety of every single food material that we use. We have been continuously developing new products and improving our product quality through our own laboratory, aiming to become a leading company in the fast growing food product market. In addition, we not only monitor our production process in accordance with the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) criteria, but invest in various facilities for the cleanliness of our manufacturing environment to ensure the production of safe, clean and fresh food products. As more emphasis is being placed on the social role of corporations, our company is sharing our love and contributing to our society through activities such as the food bank agreement, rice donations to Yongin, year-end charity donations, sisterhood relationship with unfortunate families, etc. We are also carrying out eco-friendly green management through activities including in-house energy saving campaigns, waste reduction through production cost reduction, eco-friendly product development, etc. We promise that we will become a company that always fulfills customers' expectations by providing perfect food products that satisfy taste, nutrition and hygiene through continuous research and development of safety and hygienic products on which everyone can rely.

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