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  • Manufacturing Process

Taejong FD's all products are manufactured under strict hygiene and quality control at each manufacturing stage from warehousing raw materials through product development, product manufacturing and product distribution to just before the final stage of customer consumption.

  • Warehousing raw materials
  • oneWarehousing raw materials :
  • Quality materials are selected under strict criteria and are stored in a frozen or cold storage to maintain the freshness. Industrial food products are stored in a clean warehouse.
  • Product development
  • twoProduct development :
  • Our personnel in the product development department at our own affiliated laboratory are devoting themselves in developing new products in a continual manner.
  • Microbiological testing and experiments
  • threeMicrobiological testing and experiments :
  • Various microbiological testing and experiments are performed in our laboratory prior to start production to verify the validity of raw materials as well as hygiene and quality status.
  • Pretreatment process
  • fourPretreatment process :
  • We conduct foreign substance screening and raw material care to process raw materials in hygienic manner.
  • Line Process
  • fiveLine Process :
  • It is a process that produces finished products by packing raw materials whose quality and hygiene is verified, in accordance with the prescribed recipe using packaging materials.
  • Metal detector screening
  • sixMetal detector screening :
  • Screening of final products using the metal detector is carried out to prevent possible inclusion of metal substance in the products.
  • Packaging
  • sevenPackaging :
  • Products that are frozen in the quick freezer for 24 hours immediately after being released from the production line are finally packed.
  • Shipment
  • eightShipment :
  • Our perfectly hygienic products are ready to be delivered to customers.