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Taejong FD Co., Ltd. operates its own laboratory and outsources product quality inspection and quality management system establishment to external institutions to provide food products free from safety concerns.

  • 01. Warehousing controlWe perform receiving inspection at the time of warehousing raw materials and subsidiary materials necessary for
    production in accordance with the warehousing criteria.
  • 02. Process controlWe strictly adhere to the HACCP criteria for each manufacturing process and our own process control criteria.
  • 03. Finished product controlThe finished products are subject to in-house inspection and external inspection by a specialized inspection
    institution to assure perfect hygiene and safety.
  • 04. Distribution ControlWe are currently operating the food history traceability system to prepare for the possible problems that may
    occur in our products distributed in the market. In addition, we hold a product liability insurance policy to
    assure that customers can trust and choose our products.