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The main reason why Taejong FD has changed our main business from the distribution of frozen marine products to food manufacturing is because, of course, to expand value-added profits, More emphasis howerver, was placed on securing the manufacturing basis for our own franchise. Although there are too many difficulties in food manufacturing in reality, advantages such as infinite chances the for the development and creation of products, opportunities to establish our own brand and accessibility to changes in consumer preference were important factors in the franchise business decision. We have therefore been not only striving in the expansion of our manufacturing basis but also trying a variety of other ways to improve as a company, including securing our own logistic basis, expansion of our manufacturing brand, accumulation of our own research and development performance and expertise, research on problems of the existing franchises, research of franchise management methods. Taejong FD is based on the concept of infinite pursuit of food safety, customer satisfaction and value creation. With a motivated attitude of innovation, we are on our way toward expanding our factories in accordance with the HACCP criteria to establish a perfect system for food safety and preparing a plan for our own franchise, develop a perfect food management system that fully ranges from food production to the franchise and logistics system.

» Management Philosophy

Customer Satisfaction :
 Company that provides customer satisfaction with delicious and honest products
Value Creation :
 Company that creates new values in the food manufacturing field through continual research
 and efforts
Customer Reliability :
 Company that is trusted by customers providing reliable products

Management Philosophy

» Management Philosophy

Personnel Spirit :
 Cleanliness / Professionalism / Creativity
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