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Premium Beef Rib Soup

Premium Beef Rib Soup(Woorimam, Taejong FD¡¯s premium brand)

Raw materials and ingredients Beef rib, jujubes, pine nuts and ginseng
Type of food Meat extract processed good (Non-sterile product)/Frozen food
Amount 700g¡¿20ea/BOX

Best quality luxury Galbitang with thick broth and soft rib meat produced by stewing premium beef rib for a long time, providing the mother's homemade taste and style.

  • Type of Processed Livestock Product : Meat Extract Processed Goods (Non-sterile product)
  • Raw Materials and Content : Beef Rib (New Zealander) 27.14%, Jujube (Korean) 0.57%, Pine Nuts (Korean) 0.14%, Vegetable Broth Extracts 0.31%, Ginseng (Korean) 0.12%, Garlic extracts 0.24%, Soy sauce, Compound Flavoring Food, Refined Salt, Purified Water
  • Net Contents : 700g
  • xpiration Date : Date specified at the top
  • Storage : Store it in the refrigerator at a temperature below = -18¡É - Customer Service : 031-798-5163
  • Allergens : Soybean, Wheat- This product is manufactured in manufacturing facilities that fabricate such products containing soy bean, wheat, milk, pork,
       tomatoes, mackerel, crab, egg and shrimp.
  • Business License : Gyeonggi No. 6410000-004-2009-0016
- For the best flavor, please cook as soon as possible after opening.
- Defrost in cold running water without unwrapping the packaging or by placing in an area at a temperature below 10¡É.
- Please be careful of burns when boiling or heating the contents.
- Do not microwave without unwrapping the packaging.
- As this product is edible after heating, please boil or heat it for a sufficient period of time after unwrapping.
How to Cook
1. Defrost Luxury Galbitang naturally or by placing it in an area at lower temperatures without unwrapping the packaging.
2. Pour the defrosted contents in an earthen pot or a nomal pot and boil them for 5 to 10 minutes.
3. You can add cellophane noodles, green onion, enoki mushroom, or other ingredients you like when it starts to boil.