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Seafood Roe Soup

Seafood Roe Soup(Jayeondeunhae, Taejong FD's standard brand)

Raw materials and ingredients pollack Roe, Milt, Manila clam, Mussel flesh
Type of food Instant cooking food product/ Frozen food edible after heating
Amount 550g24ea/BOX

Spicy stew with seafood and fish eggs, which is Korea's iconic hangover relief Product that provides the deep, spicy, simple and refreshing taste of soup made of a variety of seafood and bean sprouts.

  • Type of Food : Instant Cooking Food (frozen food edible after heating / unheated prior to freezing)
  • Raw Materials and Content : hokiroe (imported) 4.55%, hard roe (imported) 7.27%, mussel flesh (Chinese) 2.73%, marsh snail flesh (Chinese) 1.64%, red pepper powder (Chinese) 1.38%, red pepper paste 1.22%, bean sprouts broth 0.92%, garlic extracts 0.13%, ginger, refined salt, L-Monosodium Glutamate (taste and flavor enhancer), Disodium 5'-Ribonucleotide (taste and flavor enhancer), Chogae Dashida, Haemul Gamchimi, Myeolchi Dashida, Dashinomodo, purified water
  • Net Contents : 550g
  • Allergens : Soybean, Wheat, Shrimp, Crab, Milk
- For the best flavor, please cook as soon as possible after opening.
- Defrost in cold running water without unwrapping the packaging or by placing in an area at a temperature below 10.
- Do not freeze it again after defrosting as it has been frozen once.
- Please be careful of burns when boiling or heating the contents.
- Do not microwave without unwrapping the packaging.
- As this product is edible after heating, please boil or heat it for a sufficient period of time after unwrapping.
How to Cook
1. Defrost Seafood Altang naturally or by placing it in an area at lower temperatures without unwrapping the packaging.
2. Pour the defrosted contents in an earthen pot or a normal pot and boil them until the contents are well done.
3. You can add Chengyang pepper, bean sprouts, crown daisy or other ingredients you like when it starts to boil.